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Tata Motors Limited is India’s largest automobile company. We were established in 1945 and employ over 25, 000 people worldwide. We are the commercial vehicle trader that will take your business further. Through the affiliation with other associate companies and our global operations, we are committed to building and sustaining business relationships and creating employment.

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Over a period of three decades we have entered into joint ventures and partnerships with several African companies to help develop local resources and talent. Tata Africa Holdings was established in Johannesburg in 1994. It serves as the headquarters in Africa. We provide commercial vehicles for the construction industries, including trucks and tippers as well as buses.


  • Tata Super Ace Utility Vehicle Overview – The Super Ace gives you best in class speed and power and, to sweeten the deal,is the most affordable commercial delivery vehicle to own and operate in South Africa.

  • Tata Super Ace Small Commercial Vehicle Features - The commercial vehicle includes a fuel-efficient Turbo Diesel Engine.The reliable utility vehicle has power-steering and a laminated windscreen. To ensure comfort and safety the Super Ace is equipped with electric windows, seat belts, air-conditioning and central locking. This ¾ ton payload consists of a convenient loading deck, which carries heavy cargo with ease.

  • Tata Super Ace Specifications - The Super Ace includes a maximum torque of 135 Nm and maximum power of 52 Kw. The Super Ace specifications are designed to offer performance, reliability and flexibility for businesses in need of an affordable light commercial vehicle.

  • Tata Super Ace Price – The Tata Super Ace is the most affordable delivery vehicle in the country. It is fuel-efficient and it comes with a free maintenance plan. Pay as little as R2 099 per month or starting price of R131 995, including VAT.

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    Our company prides itself in providing the best commercial vehicle experience. Our commercial vehicle centre will provide you with a reliable, comfortable and safe vehicle all at an affordable price. Read through the various testimonials from our satisfied customers or you can book a test drive with us and try it out for yourself.

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